Our Vision

To be the leading manufacturer of world class clay bricks.

Our Mission

To manufacture and distribute affordable world-class clay bricks using appropriate technology. To enhance employee satisfaction and optimize returns to our community and shareholders.

Our Principles and Core Values

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Customer satisfaction


Human dignity

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Quality assurance



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Care for environment

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Team work

Board Of Directors

The Willdale Limited Board Of Directors is responsible for formulating the overall policies and strategies of the Company, including regular review of delegated authority to management, supervision of corporate performance, human resources and ensuring that effective financial and operational controls are adhered to.

The board comprises of seven non-executive directors and two executive directors. The non-executive directors bring a combination of major shareholder representation and specialized advisory skills to the board.


Willdale Limited endeavors to operate to the best of ethical standards in accordance with accepted corporate governance paradigms, which conform to the requirement of the King Report, and the Principles of Corporate Governance in Zimbabwe and in full compliance with the requirements of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (Z.S.E.).

The Directors, management and staff are required to maintain the highest possible standards of business ethics and accountability at all times.

Safety, Health and Environment

The company endeavors to operate with full regard for all health and safety measures and environmental laws applicable to the industry. Training in health and safety issues is provided to staff and management monitors standards.

Some of the activities currently being undertaken by Willdale Limited as efforts to monitor health and safety in the workplace include:

  1. Regular factory audits both internal and by N.S.S.A and E.M.A
  2. An active HIV/AIDS awareness program
  3. Protective clothing
  4. Fire and accident drills
  5. First aid training
  6. A training and induction program for all Willdale Limited staff
  7. National tree planting.